Thursday, March 5, 2009

Post Surgery-First night -Mr. AL-E Zabeth

On March 3, our nine month old boy AL-E, an English Cocker Spaniel went for a minor operation (castration). The surgery went smoothly but the healing part is where the real work starts.

After the surgery, we requested the doc to fit AL-E with an Elizabeth Collar (also referred to as an E. Collar. I personally like to refer it to a 'lamp shade'). Our puppy thinks he is a cat and tends to imitate the licking habits that a feline does (especially concerning his private parts). Licking happens to be one of AL-E favorite past time (during the day or night)...sigh! Mind you, AL-E gets all the exercise (walk on the beach twice a day and he roams around the house with his acrobatic antics 24/7. He is a VERY VERY active dog.

Well, the minute the general anesthetic wore off (after the surgery), our boy started to lick, even with his E. Collar (AL-E was initially fixed with a small size E. Collar). The doc changed his E. Collar to a medium size.

Well, AL-E got wear his E. Collar 24/7 for the next 2 weeks - until his wound is completely healed and the sticthes removed.

So, I have been taking lots of pictures and video of his clumsy antics wearing an E.Collar.

Welcome aboard Mr. AL-E Zabeth (Note to AL-E: Just kidding AL-E, if only you can read what mommy has pen down in this blog. Perhaps one day you may laugh at your own antics when replayed...just maybe. But right now, I understand you are uncomfortable but the E. Collar is so very necessary for your own well being AL-E.)

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  1. I guess it is more Mr Al E Zabeth :P I can't wait to see his antics and banging the walls with the E collar. I can imagine how upset and frustrated he must be feeling but it is for his own bloody good, so, I guess lampshade boy for 2 weeks.