Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Costly Affair

How stupid can one be? How careless can one be?

I had a wonderful day planned which included meeting up with some friends for lunch.

Well, that didn't happen. Instead I was stuck in a car workshop for couple of hours and due to my own carelessness...

After sending AL-E for daycare, stopped at a petrol station to fill up our Dungaboy...within split second realised that I was filling up petrol instead of diesel. The amount of petrol filled up was about 6.24 litres which comes up to RM11.23. Here comes the costly drain it all cost me RM100/- (after discount). I had to call Jomotors (Mr. Simon) again. Although Jomotors were short-handed today, Mr. Simon still managed to arrange an alternative. Another acquaintance of Mr. Simon from 'M Auto Car Service Centre' came over and towed my car (with me in it). At least I did not do the manoeuvring. Thank God.

Note: Mr. Simon of Jomotors is a real rare gem over here in Miri. I really truly appreciate his help.

So, I had two hours and no magazine and books at sight. This gave me the opportunity do a clean-up job on my mobile. Sent bazillion text and read the replies. Also did some housekeeping with all the videos in my mobile external card.

After that headed for a good therapy at the hair saloon. A good head massage and hair wash did it.

The next pit-stop is the Columbia Asia private hospital. Got my eye infection checked out and also managed to get a referral letter to see an eye specialist who only happens to drop twice in a month. The private hospital looks decent and has a good GP. I recommend Dr. Choong to anyone and especially first timers. He is a good doctor, humble, understanding, patience and willing to listen to the patient side of the story and most importantly very concerned with the well-being of a patient. This is my VERY FIRST visit to Columbia Asia and I am quite impressed and happy with the service. Besides the doc., as I was waiting for my turn, a hospital administrator came over and talked to me and asked me how I was feeling. In fact, she voluntarily showed me how to get to the building where the specialist are located (which is in another nearby building).

Then picked up AL-E. Got home. Cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ate some. Surprisingly I was no longer so hungry. Then played with AL-E for an hour or so. Talked to hubby. Also had a long chat with hubby....


  1. There are Gem's in every place in the earth despite overwhelming circumstances. Anyway, I am glad by boss introduced me to Simon from Jomoto (please note correct spelling). Also glad that CAMC Dr Chong is another gem around.

  2. Hi, 6 liters would not have killed your engine. I did the same mistake with my car. I filled the rest of the tank (another 45 l) with diesel... No problem! Above 20%, ya no choice, you have to empty the tank.