Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mr. AL-E Zabeth's hair-stylist

Well, another stuff that you learn from experience.

Owning an English Cocker Spaniel need lots of patience and work especially when one is wearing an E.Collar.

So far I have had 5 sessions of blow-drying of AL-E's fur around his ear and neck (especially the area which is covered with the E.Collar). Five sessions has been the highest so far in a SINGLE day.

For all readers, please be informed that if you have a dog/cat fixed with an E.Collar and if it's ear/fur is wet (the covered area), you must do this procedure:

1. Wipe the wet part with a towel.
2. Blow dry.

Otherwise, you may visiting the doc/vet for fungus attack issue (Note: Sometimes ticks love to attack moist area of a dog/cat). The worst that can happen is 'tick-fever' which is very FATAL for a dog.

Hope the above helps (for those who happens to own a pet i.e. dog/cat).

Note: My AL-E is not too keen to drink water from a bottle (the bottle is fixed with a device to assist drinking - it is solely designed for dogs). AL-E loves water. AL-E drinks at least a litre of water everyday.


  1. You know dear, in the attemot to ensure that Al E remains dry and clean, I am beginning to wonder about using the jumbo jet hair dryer of yours so often and closed to his ears. We need to possibly check on what noise does to a dogs hearing.

  2. Now I put a towel (block his ears) then blow-dry. I think it is better this way.

  3. Plus I use cold air and medium heat (more on cold air). I read that dogs body temperature is higher than human. Thus, cold air is better although it takes longer. I also wipe with a towel prior to blow-drying.

    Essentially, it is important to blow dry his ears. Otherwise, ticks loves to crawl up his ears/neck area. Plus, if I do not blow-dry his ears, he tends to sneeze quite a bit. So kesian loh...but I understand your concern.