Monday, January 31, 2011

Moocher Syndrome

What is a moocher syndrome? Someone who survives off another person's cash/income/generosity. These characters or people believe that they are owed something for nothing. One who even if they have their own money, food, clothes, etc. will still use someone else's first. It does not matter if that person is super-rich, rich, moderate or poor.

Moocher syndrome is also sometimes known as the Gollum Syndrome. Gollum is a character in a film known as the “Lord of the Rings.” He started out as a fairly normal being and was transformed into a hideous monster by his obsession or greed for the ring that could not be quenched. Gollum said things like “We must have the Precious !!!”

One of the original moochers is a character called Wimpy in Popeye who frequently said “I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” These people usually take advantage of others generosity, kindness, and call you their “friend” when all they want to do is USE you and ABUSE you, and NEVER LET YOU GO !!! Even if you take care of them when they are sick and unwell, it goes with a thanks which means nothing. For all they are made of is either envious which eventually becomes jealousy. Remember the saying she became so green with jealousy that she became a "green-eyed monster."

These moochers may earn a good money, have a good job/career but they will make it a point that they are tight with cash. If they have possessions, then complain that they are very tight on cash, and need to be paid for house, siblings loan, parents well-being etc. etc. Generally moochers are scroungers who takes advantage of the generosity of others. Once they are done with you or come to a realisation that they can longer get any cash from you, they move on to another person.

Why am I writing such an insignificance or rather a sad and un-encouraging entry...Well, at least I can finally let it out of my system that I have been so daft and unfortunate to encounter such character(s) in my life. These people almost broke my sanity, my health, my relationship with my husband and overall my well being. But that is in the past.

Today, I am alive, well and it is a miracle. I send love for these moocher(s) that have come along in my life. I may not be friends with these people but I give them love nevertheless. I ask God to forgive my anger towards them. I apologise for not being able to forget all these resentments and anger etc. etc.

I hope with God's will that I am able to live a life of happiness, joy, peace, in abundance, ever-giving and forgiving of others regardless of their actions & motive.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Happy New Year everyone. I have been missing in action and my entries have been non-existence for the last two quarters of 2010. I do have reasons and excuses. Enough said.

My main resolution this year is letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. To achieve them I believe I have to combine all my positive and negative thoughts in order to achieve the ultimate healthy thoughts.

According to some, the healthy thinking statement is one that is believable. Hope is the belief that something is attainable. Thus, I must believe that the little inner voice in me more and hopefully more often. The inner voice that is saying possible and attainable. At the same time, I must also accept all the monkey chatters with grace (Note: I refer my ego as 'monkey chatters'). So help me many monkeys chatting away all the time...singing away, all the time...oh well.

Thus, I realise that covering up my negative emotions with positive thoughts is not going to enhance my beliefs. Normally, I do lots of covering up of my negative thoughts as sadness, unhappiness, frustrations, disappointments by affirmations of positive words. This approach almost always makes me feel better but only on a short term basis.

So, I have decided on a rather challenging approach and that is to change my thought process in order to heal my inner self. The first step is to recognise all the negative thought process that keeps popping up like Windows pop-up in my head. I am not saying that I am accepting these negative thoughts but recognising it/them as a way of letting it be. Recognising helps in changing my thought process and healing my inner self to change my beliefs for the better. The last couple of months I have met some people whom were supportive and helpful in my quest of having achieving healthy thoughts regularly.

I must say I have a long way to go but at least I have begun on a healing journey. And the best part is that my body believes in it. My mind accepts it and I am a much happier person than what I used to be.

I hope for a new and continuous healthy beliefs which can enable me to move forward for the better, become a wiser person, being more compassionate and tolerant towards others.