Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MUGGED in Bangsar

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Written by Nil Timbadia
(This article is posted with permission from the author)


My dad was snatched theft today.

The incident happened near our home in Bangsar. He was walking back from the post office on Jalan Telawi after paying bills.

As he was walking around Jalan Terasek 4, a person on a motorcycle snatched his gold chain around his neck and rode off.

The thief is suspected to be of Indian origin.

My dad is 75 years old and has some heart problems, so naturally in an incident like this, there is some impact.

Thankfully the impact was minor and he only had some palpitations for a while and some scratches around his neck from the chain being pulled.

Apart from that he seems to be okay when I spoke to him and a friend.

I got the news from wifey whom Pappa had called. Wifey immediately called me and I immediately called a friend of ours living nearby to go check on Pappa. He was on his way back home and quickly diverted to go check on Pappa and spend some time with him.

I also received a call from this friend JJ who said that Pappa was not hurt severely and was feeling okay.

Nevertheless, the snatch theft thing in KL is getting to a ridiculous level. Wifey has been snatched twice in the city area and in front of witnesses who would not even bother to go help.

Pappa was snatched in a housing area.

A year or so back, on Jalan Telawi itself, another person had robbed my friend's wife of her vehicle at knife point just across their house.

There are times when I am in KL and am even afraid or extra careful when I am in a shopping mall like Suria KLCC.

There seems to be little or no effort from the enforcement to curb these activities and as the economy becomes worse and more people find it difficult to find jobs, I see the trend of thefts increasing.

I am sick and tired of living in a constant lookout and in fear. When I was in Europe, while you are street smart and careful, the level of petty theft if generally lower. Then again, you keep hearing of people getting laptops stolen and purses stolen in pretty much every city in the world.

In crime in KL higher than other cities?

The cops in Malaysia say that it is not and we have a safer city compared to Tokyo and Hong Kong etc. I do not know what comparisons are used for this checks not do I know whether the facts are right.

What I do know is that things have definitely become a lot worse from the time I was growing up, and every year it has been getting worse at a larger proportion than the year before.

What I also know is a lot of petty crime and snatch theft goes unreported and as such does not become part of the statistics. For example, my dad is not going to make a report.

Do I blame him for not making a report. Of course I do not. Blaming him would be blaming the victim, no different from how some countries blame a rape victim for being raped and punish them with being gang raped.

Maybe that is what we have become, a snatch theft victim deserves to be snatched - it seems like that is how our law enforcement thinks.

I hope for a safe and brighter future for my loved ones - family, friends and pretty much everyone.

May the thieves burn and rot in hell, but that is not for me to determine - a supreme being will determine their fate.

Take care and be well.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sedation & Hair Cut

Today has been a tough Monday.

This morning we sent our boy, AL-E to the vet for grooming (more so for clipping of seriously unruly 'rasta' hair on both of his flip-flop ears).....

Well, the doctor/vet called back and informed us that AL-E had to be sedated before they can do any sorts of grooming. AL-E almost bit off the clinic staff(s), doctor(s) hands when they tried to clip couple strands of his fur. The doctor did assure us that AL-E will be given a mild dosage (unlike the one used when he was neutered).

So, under sedation, our boy was given a hair cut, major part of his ears were clipped, some parts shaved and nails clipped. More than one person were involved in AL-E's grooming session.

The result - our boy still looks handsome.

Initially, we were both mentally prepared for Al-E's 'botak' look. Angel Clinic did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your advice, patience and care to our little AL-E. Thank you Dr. Yap, Dr. Sharon, Mr. Lau, Ms. Nale, Ani and others.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 birthdays and one going away party - Part 2

Well, I thought it would be nice to add more pictures...........

Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 birthdays and one going away party

Gosh, seems like ages since I had last done some write-up.

The holiday to Europe has been great. A wonderful adventure with hubby. Met some good people, made some friends and overall had a good time.

However, as usual one little set-back. I had piled on 7 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The good news is that I had lost 2 kilos (Note: Must due to water-retention).
The rest 5 kilos will take lots of work which I am somewhat ready for.

Back to the party. Hubby cooked an excellent meal despite his jet-lag etc. etc. He made three unique starters and a main course. Pappa made one type of starter.

Cakes for Kupps and myself was specially made-for-order from Marriott hotel's bakery. AL-E's cake was specially flown from Harrods London (hubby hand-carried all the way from London).

Before I forget, this party is for 4 persons (including AL-E). It is for my birthday (2 days after), Kupps birthday (which is on the day the party was held i.e. May 15), AL-E B'day (one day after) and father-in-law's going away (going back to KL on Sunday).

Everything went well. The party was fun, good conversation and little AL-E made things merrier with his 'clowning' acts.

Enough said, I suppose the pictures speak a thousand words.