Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing Dog...Found

Today is a wonderful day. For the first time (in many months), I have nothing to complain about today and it feels GREAT. Getting both the owner and the dog united feels good and it does not happen everyday. I am glad and feel blessed to be able to experience this process (with good results).

It all begin last evening (Thursday evening). My neighbour, Mr. TS came back with a brand new dog, a lab retriever (well, that was what I thought but eventually found out it was a golden retriever).

Later, I was taking our little puppy for an evening stroll, then popped over at another neighbour's house for a little chat when I bumped into Mr. TS. I asked him about the new gorgeous addition to his family and was told that he found this particular 'lab dog' looking lost and tried to across a busy main road (If he had not brought it back home safely, the dog would have been hit by a bus or car etc. Ouch!).

Anyhow, this morning as I was checking my Facebook, I found a notice from a Ms. VPF that her dog got stolen last evening...blah, blah, blah.... The description fits the dog that the neighbour of mine brought back. So, I got busy and tried to get in touch with the owner. It was not easy...After speaking to friends, acquaintances and a number of strangers, I finally managed to speak to Ms. VPF late afternoon. I also called up my neighbour and told him that I managed to locate the owner.

The owner came later in the evening (before sunset) to collect her golden retriever. Attached picture (I think the picture said it all - I took it using my mobile SE C902, so not as great as SLR versions).

I wish to thank the following people for making today a truly wonderful and great day i.e. having the chance to locate the owner (without your help this would not have been possible). Thank you all for taking my call(s) during your busy work day. Thank you for being patience and hearing the story. They are Ms. Joanna, Mack, Joe C., Yani, Poh Yee, Yazmi, Ahmad Zahrin and Thomas.

And last but not least Mr. TS for being such an angel to Pretty (the name of the dog). You did a fantastic job while Pretty was in your care (Pretty was given a bath and was well fed too plus all TLC etc. etc.).

A Happy Ending indeed. It not everyday (or every other day) that an owner gets united with her/his dog or cat or rabbit or cow or sheep etc (whatever the pet maybe).

Meanwhile, I will not complain about Facebook from now on. Facebook rocks.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost missed my flight...

Yesterday could have ended up a disastrous day but lady luck was on my side. Thus, everything worked out fine.

So, what happened then?

Well, I had booked a taxi (from my list of regular & somewhat loyal taxi drivers) for a trip down to KLIA. I am going to refer to this regular taxi driver as D.

I know my house in Bangsar is about 10 minutes drive to KL Sentral. However, I had this mind-set that no taxi driver would want to do such a short trip down to KL Sentral. Thus, I didn't call for a cab.

Anyhow, D did not turn up. What's worse is that D had arranged for another friend of his to send me to KLIA. His friend was 5 minutes late. The worst part is that I had to call D to find all these stuff. I got a little upset and told D the deal is off.

I took a risk (a big risk) and called for a cab to KL Sentral. Within 5 seconds a taxi turned up and I reached KL Sentral but was too late to check in there. Thus, took the ERL to KLIA. I had 40 minutes to check in and board the plane to Miri. All worked out fine and I am in Miri now.

Nevertheless, I am a little appalled that D didn't even bother to apologise (Earlier, on the phone he was rather defensive. I won't get into details.) I had helped him so much in referring all my former friends, associates and clients in building up his little business. Such an ungrateful person!!

Yesterday turned out to be one of those nutty situation day but I am grateful that everything turned out fine. My father-in-law picked me up from the airport, made some snacks/lunch and I had lots of sloppy welcome kisses & hugs from little AL-E. Later we all had dinner with some friends.

Life's like a box of chocolates indeed. Take it one day at a time and everything happens for a reason. Oh well......

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elantra 1.8

Where do I begin...

Here is my story, I am writing this blog in a car workshop (while waiting for the water pump to be fixed in our Elantra). I was also in this same workshop yesterday, got the engine mounting fixed....Grrrghhh

I thought my life and my seven year old Elantra's were somewhat better after the major fix-up last December 08. Mine in terms of $$$$$$ and Elantra's well being/life-span etc. etc.

When I say mine, it also includes hubby's because he's the 'Bank Negara'.

So, I wish for lady luck to pour some got luck potion on me and 'Bank Negara' with a present of new car for me (all expense paid for plus all other necessary expense and a holiday trip paid for too)... I also wish for other things but that is a story for another day. I am not sure what 'Bank Negara' would wish for but I have some basic idea which will not be exposed in this blog (not today anyways).

How I wish my dream will come true....!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roof Leaking...yet another nutty situation

Again...the Bangsar home roof is leaking. Just in December 2007, we had fixed the darn roof and today after a heavy downpour, it is leaking so badly.

Leaks are everywhere, upstairs in our bedroom, my painting/artwork room, the stairwell, utility room...all areas mentioned is soaked with water....

Just when I am recovering from flu and cold, just when I am doing the household expenses and administrative I have to be the maid and clean-up the mess.

The funny thing is (I am being sarcastic here), housekeeper just came this morning and did all the cleaning, waxing and polishing! Now it is my turn to do the moping and clearing up. Life is really a box of chocolates and today is all about nuts and being in a NUTTY situation!!! I am really going nuts.


I decided to retire early today (to sleep). So, off to bed at 9.00pm.

As I was soundly asleep (dreaming - maybe).....sounds of bomb being blasted from not too far away just jolt me up from dreamland. It was more like nightmare...something like war movie e.g. like Pearl Harbour (being bombed)....

Guess what, it is my daft neighbours (don't know which one but definitely from Terasek 3), shooting heavy-duty fireworks in the air. Polluting the air, making noise in the middle of the night and disturbing people's sleep. I thought fireworks are banned in Malaysia except for the ones done by the Government for occasions like New Year's day etc. etc. I am wide awake (and writing this blog)...Sigh! Maybe will watch a movie (DVD).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy B'DAY Mack

Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to YOOOOOUUUU Happy Birthday to you.

Many happy returns and may God Bless you. Take care, take a break, take a deep breathe, relax and enjoy your day. Hope you like our gift.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kofi shop in Lebuh Ampang

Why kofi shop and not coffee shop? Well, someone close and dear to me normally text me his whereabouts in the evening and it happens to be Kofi shop (which mean coffee shop). Thus, the title.

Took Anjali, Kupps & Deb to my favorite coffee shop. The coffee (the REAL white coffee), laksa curry and my usual 'diet' food is excellent. Do not bring your laptop here. This place is to eat, hang-out, watch the the infamous KL traffic jam and then leave.

Deb actually finished her laksa curry (wiped out...). Anjali enjoyed her curry laksa too and of course the coffee....Well, Kupps found the laksa a little spicy but enjoyed the cofffee. I had two cups (simply couldn't resist). We all were a little hungry since no one had breakie in the morning. This was our brunch break.
Oh, all of them (I could swear) had one of the best steam bread. Unfortunately, steam bread is not available in Miri (Note: Anjali & Deb, please get your dad to make some lah...)