Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Surgery - Feeding

I really did my research prior to sending our puppy for surgery (neutering). However, no books/website provide with proper information on how to care for your puppy/dog or cat etc. right after surgery. They do not tell you how to feed (food & water) your dog especially one that has to be fit with an Elizabeth Collar. Sigh!

Even the vet cannot explain much on this matter. A lot of studies is still on going (apparently). Even the type/mixture of general anaesthetic has to be monitored with accuracy, any overdose can be fatal for a dog. The dose of GA varies based on type of dog, weight etc. etc.

Sometimes I wish I can read my AL-E's mind. Poor boy, he wimps and runs somewhat 'amok' when wound is drying up...Does it itch or hurt? How I wish I had the ability to read a dog's mind during this trying time! I can only sympathize and be understanding with my boy. Bear with it AL-E, the countdown is on - only 10 more days to go.....By then your E.Collar will be off and you can lick whatever part of your body that you are able too.


  1. So nice, our boy still seems to have a good appetite and eating off your hands in gusto. You are a great mom dear.

  2. Thanks dear.

    I am sure if you are here, you will be a great daddy too.

    I think AL-E does miss you is just that he cannot express himself in our language...but when you speak to him over the speaker phone, well, sometimes it seems that he recognise your voice.