Friday, March 27, 2009

Close call

The weather was extremely good this evening. Nice cool sea-breeze. So, both AL-E & I decided to go for a sunset walk on the beach.

AL-E was really busy with his 'snoop & smell' business (see video).

Somehow AL-E has to smell each and every particle of sand, dirt, wood, grass, little crab, bugs (maybe even eat them) etc. etc.

After about half an hour of walk cum run with AL-E a.k.a 'Snoop Dog', we both seem a little tired and was really walking slow. This is a rare occasion because AL-E is always busy running or walking in a clumsy manner.

Besides 'Snoop Dog' AL-E is sometimes referred to as 'Ja Ja Binks' (a sci-fi character from STAR WARS - Part 1) due to his clumsy manner of walking and running.

Just when everything seems nice and wonderful, AL-E spring forward instantly and I lost control of the leash. Not only that, I somehow manage to fall backwards and end up on the beach floor (quite painful). Nevertheless, I ran after AL-E for awhile but lost him for a minute or two in some bushes and piles of fallen trees by the beach. It was really getting to be scary (Imagine losing AL-E just like that...). Then I saw a little shaggy black carpet peeping out of an old tree tunnel (the hollow part). Managed to grab hold of AL-E and brought him back home. Really relieved and happy to get back our boy.

This incident taught me a lesson. I guess from now on I need to carry a little bag with important necessities like some of AL-E's toys and first Aid. Just in case. AL-E loves his toys especially his squeaky rubber balls. If I had one of those with me today, AL-E would have responded to my calls.

Although I got some bruises on my legs and hands due to the fall, I am so very grateful and happy to get back our boy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Costly Affair

How stupid can one be? How careless can one be?

I had a wonderful day planned which included meeting up with some friends for lunch.

Well, that didn't happen. Instead I was stuck in a car workshop for couple of hours and due to my own carelessness...

After sending AL-E for daycare, stopped at a petrol station to fill up our Dungaboy...within split second realised that I was filling up petrol instead of diesel. The amount of petrol filled up was about 6.24 litres which comes up to RM11.23. Here comes the costly drain it all cost me RM100/- (after discount). I had to call Jomotors (Mr. Simon) again. Although Jomotors were short-handed today, Mr. Simon still managed to arrange an alternative. Another acquaintance of Mr. Simon from 'M Auto Car Service Centre' came over and towed my car (with me in it). At least I did not do the manoeuvring. Thank God.

Note: Mr. Simon of Jomotors is a real rare gem over here in Miri. I really truly appreciate his help.

So, I had two hours and no magazine and books at sight. This gave me the opportunity do a clean-up job on my mobile. Sent bazillion text and read the replies. Also did some housekeeping with all the videos in my mobile external card.

After that headed for a good therapy at the hair saloon. A good head massage and hair wash did it.

The next pit-stop is the Columbia Asia private hospital. Got my eye infection checked out and also managed to get a referral letter to see an eye specialist who only happens to drop twice in a month. The private hospital looks decent and has a good GP. I recommend Dr. Choong to anyone and especially first timers. He is a good doctor, humble, understanding, patience and willing to listen to the patient side of the story and most importantly very concerned with the well-being of a patient. This is my VERY FIRST visit to Columbia Asia and I am quite impressed and happy with the service. Besides the doc., as I was waiting for my turn, a hospital administrator came over and talked to me and asked me how I was feeling. In fact, she voluntarily showed me how to get to the building where the specialist are located (which is in another nearby building).

Then picked up AL-E. Got home. Cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ate some. Surprisingly I was no longer so hungry. Then played with AL-E for an hour or so. Talked to hubby. Also had a long chat with hubby....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Off with E.Collar

Finally my baby's E.Collar was removed last Saturday (by right should have been today but I just don't have the heart to see our boy suffering with the E.Collar.) I am sure AL-E felt liberated and happy when the E.Collar was off.

At the same time/day, AL-E was given a bath (the clinic did it). I didn't want to hurt him - just in case).

Check out the video... He seemed happy but a little bored. I suppose all washed up and smelling good but no where to go. I can't take him for walks on the beach for another week - doc's advise. So, we both have our games/activities inside the house which can get quite energetic and exciting...AL-E's darn active when it comes to throw and catch ball games.

AL-E and green apples

Watch my puppy eating green apples with gusto...

I wonder if I could rhyme green apples with something...hmmmmmm (still thinking)...Dr.Seuss has written on Green Eggs and Ham....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bizarre midday...merde, merde, merde!!!

Do you ever wonder how impatient and stupid some people are with their respective vehicle ..? Well don't, there are tons of them. Right now, I wish I could literally axe some...

So bizarre and this sort of stupid & crappy incident (motor-accident) only seem to happen to me in a particular small city...lets say this place is called 'Merde' in Borneo!!! Not once but twice in the span of five months.

I am so mad today. I was not initially (I was cool and just sort of sigh off) Read on and you will understand why...

So, due to some unforeseen circumstances I hit a car while reversing. Plus, I did not run away but willing to accept my mistake and pay up. I told this other person that lets settle but no, she wants more money or do not seem to know how much and called-up all her 7 to 8 male colleagues to come over. It was quite a scene. It already was quite humiliating to be in a situation as such but to be belittled by her, just because I happen to drive a 'Dunga Boy' and willing to settle for a mere hundred(s) . So much for 'gentleman shake'. Her first question was where was I working. To which I replied that I am out of a steady job. The next remark from this person is that 'How come you can drive a big car if you are not working?' To which my reply was that the car does not belong to me! Based on her uniform (and of her colleagues), she happens to work for LHDN (Income Tax). She also did have the cheek to tell me that she will file and investigate my tax case...I told her to go ahead and be my guest! Merde! Merde! Merde!

I had to call a mechanic (J Motor - I am using a pseudo here). A Mr. S was nice enough to drop by and sort of help to settle the situation based on my initial offer. In fact, J Motor is willing to do the necessary 'cosmetic' work on that darn car for the price that I had initially offered!
What is wrong with this person, not only she is judgemental but darn daft too! In fact, I did tell her off that she can go and make a police report for all I care! (Note: Somewhere during our conversation, she did mention that earlier someone had hit and run off without paying her. I wonder now if it was my Dunga Boy which hit her or someone's else!).

There goes my allowance for my hair wash and blow-drying sessions (Note: My personal allowance which I treat myself). I do not have much to treat myself these days...What with no fixed income and have to rely on my other half. After paying the other woman, I am going to have to let go at least six hair-washes & blow-drying session.
Why me, again??? Grggh........

Some say that I should be grateful that I am alright (which I am) but today I am just f**ked up mad! Wouldn't you be if you had only so much cash to treat yourself every week...and then to go up in swift smoking time due to some unforeseen stupid and idiotic accident. On top of that you have to listen to some stupid remarks just because I happen to drive a 4WD (which is not even mine to begin with!).

Each one of us have different sorts of stuff that we treat ourselves, some look forward to a nice 'Starbucks' coffee (or San Francisco or whatever...), some go for manicure & pedicure, some go to the bar or coffee shop for a daily fix, some buy CDs & books and many others.

My car is fine. As usual no scratch....but my driving sense in a city called 'Merde' is somewhat bruised and I really, really come to despise this place called 'Merde' - not just due this accident but due a lot of other stupid stuff (story for another day), daft & ignorant people EXCEPT for some loved ones (including a four-legged fury animal and some of it's friend/s), some lovely friends and few wonderful acquaintances, a good family of five.....oh, well the sea front house & view..... Sigh...................................................

Note: Here's thanking those who listened to my bizarre sad story and still put a smile on my face in the end (there are a few of you and I really appreciate your jokes and soothing words.Cheers.) Also check out the very MINOR dent!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mr. AL-E Zabeth's hair-stylist

Well, another stuff that you learn from experience.

Owning an English Cocker Spaniel need lots of patience and work especially when one is wearing an E.Collar.

So far I have had 5 sessions of blow-drying of AL-E's fur around his ear and neck (especially the area which is covered with the E.Collar). Five sessions has been the highest so far in a SINGLE day.

For all readers, please be informed that if you have a dog/cat fixed with an E.Collar and if it's ear/fur is wet (the covered area), you must do this procedure:

1. Wipe the wet part with a towel.
2. Blow dry.

Otherwise, you may visiting the doc/vet for fungus attack issue (Note: Sometimes ticks love to attack moist area of a dog/cat). The worst that can happen is 'tick-fever' which is very FATAL for a dog.

Hope the above helps (for those who happens to own a pet i.e. dog/cat).

Note: My AL-E is not too keen to drink water from a bottle (the bottle is fixed with a device to assist drinking - it is solely designed for dogs). AL-E loves water. AL-E drinks at least a litre of water everyday.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Surgery - Feeding

I really did my research prior to sending our puppy for surgery (neutering). However, no books/website provide with proper information on how to care for your puppy/dog or cat etc. right after surgery. They do not tell you how to feed (food & water) your dog especially one that has to be fit with an Elizabeth Collar. Sigh!

Even the vet cannot explain much on this matter. A lot of studies is still on going (apparently). Even the type/mixture of general anaesthetic has to be monitored with accuracy, any overdose can be fatal for a dog. The dose of GA varies based on type of dog, weight etc. etc.

Sometimes I wish I can read my AL-E's mind. Poor boy, he wimps and runs somewhat 'amok' when wound is drying up...Does it itch or hurt? How I wish I had the ability to read a dog's mind during this trying time! I can only sympathize and be understanding with my boy. Bear with it AL-E, the countdown is on - only 10 more days to go.....By then your E.Collar will be off and you can lick whatever part of your body that you are able too.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Post Surgery-First night -Mr. AL-E Zabeth

On March 3, our nine month old boy AL-E, an English Cocker Spaniel went for a minor operation (castration). The surgery went smoothly but the healing part is where the real work starts.

After the surgery, we requested the doc to fit AL-E with an Elizabeth Collar (also referred to as an E. Collar. I personally like to refer it to a 'lamp shade'). Our puppy thinks he is a cat and tends to imitate the licking habits that a feline does (especially concerning his private parts). Licking happens to be one of AL-E favorite past time (during the day or night)...sigh! Mind you, AL-E gets all the exercise (walk on the beach twice a day and he roams around the house with his acrobatic antics 24/7. He is a VERY VERY active dog.

Well, the minute the general anesthetic wore off (after the surgery), our boy started to lick, even with his E. Collar (AL-E was initially fixed with a small size E. Collar). The doc changed his E. Collar to a medium size.

Well, AL-E got wear his E. Collar 24/7 for the next 2 weeks - until his wound is completely healed and the sticthes removed.

So, I have been taking lots of pictures and video of his clumsy antics wearing an E.Collar.

Welcome aboard Mr. AL-E Zabeth (Note to AL-E: Just kidding AL-E, if only you can read what mommy has pen down in this blog. Perhaps one day you may laugh at your own antics when replayed...just maybe. But right now, I understand you are uncomfortable but the E. Collar is so very necessary for your own well being AL-E.)