Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bizarre midday...merde, merde, merde!!!

Do you ever wonder how impatient and stupid some people are with their respective vehicle ..? Well don't, there are tons of them. Right now, I wish I could literally axe some...

So bizarre and this sort of stupid & crappy incident (motor-accident) only seem to happen to me in a particular small city...lets say this place is called 'Merde' in Borneo!!! Not once but twice in the span of five months.

I am so mad today. I was not initially (I was cool and just sort of sigh off) Read on and you will understand why...

So, due to some unforeseen circumstances I hit a car while reversing. Plus, I did not run away but willing to accept my mistake and pay up. I told this other person that lets settle but no, she wants more money or do not seem to know how much and called-up all her 7 to 8 male colleagues to come over. It was quite a scene. It already was quite humiliating to be in a situation as such but to be belittled by her, just because I happen to drive a 'Dunga Boy' and willing to settle for a mere hundred(s) . So much for 'gentleman shake'. Her first question was where was I working. To which I replied that I am out of a steady job. The next remark from this person is that 'How come you can drive a big car if you are not working?' To which my reply was that the car does not belong to me! Based on her uniform (and of her colleagues), she happens to work for LHDN (Income Tax). She also did have the cheek to tell me that she will file and investigate my tax case...I told her to go ahead and be my guest! Merde! Merde! Merde!

I had to call a mechanic (J Motor - I am using a pseudo here). A Mr. S was nice enough to drop by and sort of help to settle the situation based on my initial offer. In fact, J Motor is willing to do the necessary 'cosmetic' work on that darn car for the price that I had initially offered!
What is wrong with this person, not only she is judgemental but darn daft too! In fact, I did tell her off that she can go and make a police report for all I care! (Note: Somewhere during our conversation, she did mention that earlier someone had hit and run off without paying her. I wonder now if it was my Dunga Boy which hit her or someone's else!).

There goes my allowance for my hair wash and blow-drying sessions (Note: My personal allowance which I treat myself). I do not have much to treat myself these days...What with no fixed income and have to rely on my other half. After paying the other woman, I am going to have to let go at least six hair-washes & blow-drying session.
Why me, again??? Grggh........

Some say that I should be grateful that I am alright (which I am) but today I am just f**ked up mad! Wouldn't you be if you had only so much cash to treat yourself every week...and then to go up in swift smoking time due to some unforeseen stupid and idiotic accident. On top of that you have to listen to some stupid remarks just because I happen to drive a 4WD (which is not even mine to begin with!).

Each one of us have different sorts of stuff that we treat ourselves, some look forward to a nice 'Starbucks' coffee (or San Francisco or whatever...), some go for manicure & pedicure, some go to the bar or coffee shop for a daily fix, some buy CDs & books and many others.

My car is fine. As usual no scratch....but my driving sense in a city called 'Merde' is somewhat bruised and I really, really come to despise this place called 'Merde' - not just due this accident but due a lot of other stupid stuff (story for another day), daft & ignorant people EXCEPT for some loved ones (including a four-legged fury animal and some of it's friend/s), some lovely friends and few wonderful acquaintances, a good family of five.....oh, well the sea front house & view..... Sigh...................................................

Note: Here's thanking those who listened to my bizarre sad story and still put a smile on my face in the end (there are a few of you and I really appreciate your jokes and soothing words.Cheers.) Also check out the very MINOR dent!


  1. Firstly, lucky you drive a 4WD, at least you are safe. In Miri, we just have to deal with this crap because we are not "locals". Jomoto's Simon is the best person I have met and their boss is very good too. I mention the name because to giove credit where it is due. Don;t give up things you like doing, we will make do.

  2. Hi Sarah. This town somehow has bizzare people driving thinking that they drive right and well, thats the downside of this 'resort city'. I wonder how the he** they get their driving license on the first place. There are many times where I literally cursed at these drivers and the people who seems to take advantage when you scratch their car. I paid Rm 300 to repair someone's scratch on an old WIRA car!!
    Well just gotta live with it and be more careful next time... Take care!

  3. in any place, we have the good things and the bad things. here, driving is definitely not one of the former. but there are good things like our chap simon there, at the end, i think it ends well, otherwise we'll end up hating the rest of the world too :) take care, hope you're well.

  4. Mack my dear, I am so over this incident and have moved on. I did mention in my last paragraph that exceptions are for family, pets, animals, friends, aquaintances (including Mr. Simon) and a dear family of five.....

    Thanks for the good wishes. I do love the world for the good part that it offers and the bad is taken with a pinch of salt. That is what makes us all grow up to be a better person. Cheers.