Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing Dog...Found

Today is a wonderful day. For the first time (in many months), I have nothing to complain about today and it feels GREAT. Getting both the owner and the dog united feels good and it does not happen everyday. I am glad and feel blessed to be able to experience this process (with good results).

It all begin last evening (Thursday evening). My neighbour, Mr. TS came back with a brand new dog, a lab retriever (well, that was what I thought but eventually found out it was a golden retriever).

Later, I was taking our little puppy for an evening stroll, then popped over at another neighbour's house for a little chat when I bumped into Mr. TS. I asked him about the new gorgeous addition to his family and was told that he found this particular 'lab dog' looking lost and tried to across a busy main road (If he had not brought it back home safely, the dog would have been hit by a bus or car etc. Ouch!).

Anyhow, this morning as I was checking my Facebook, I found a notice from a Ms. VPF that her dog got stolen last evening...blah, blah, blah.... The description fits the dog that the neighbour of mine brought back. So, I got busy and tried to get in touch with the owner. It was not easy...After speaking to friends, acquaintances and a number of strangers, I finally managed to speak to Ms. VPF late afternoon. I also called up my neighbour and told him that I managed to locate the owner.

The owner came later in the evening (before sunset) to collect her golden retriever. Attached picture (I think the picture said it all - I took it using my mobile SE C902, so not as great as SLR versions).

I wish to thank the following people for making today a truly wonderful and great day i.e. having the chance to locate the owner (without your help this would not have been possible). Thank you all for taking my call(s) during your busy work day. Thank you for being patience and hearing the story. They are Ms. Joanna, Mack, Joe C., Yani, Poh Yee, Yazmi, Ahmad Zahrin and Thomas.

And last but not least Mr. TS for being such an angel to Pretty (the name of the dog). You did a fantastic job while Pretty was in your care (Pretty was given a bath and was well fed too plus all TLC etc. etc.).

A Happy Ending indeed. It not everyday (or every other day) that an owner gets united with her/his dog or cat or rabbit or cow or sheep etc (whatever the pet maybe).

Meanwhile, I will not complain about Facebook from now on. Facebook rocks.


  1. The following is what I wrote in Veronica's facebook:"Hey Veronica, I am so happy that Sarah managed to reunite your Pretty with you. I can just imagine what you must have felt the last day or so. I treat Al E like my son and even now being away from him is heartbreaking. I can imagine how I would feel if he was lost. There are angels all around and I am just so happy this has worked out well. Take care." Truly, there are angels everywhere. NOw write about Al E and Pretty lah.

  2. Indeed, ugh.. i cant imagine the crossing the road part,its crazy. Thank God for ppl like your neighbours and you, who actually do care.

  3. Hey Sarah, just feel so happy for Pretty to be found, for the owners to get their Pretty back, for nice neighbours, for you for taking all the trouble to reunite owner&doggy.. great job! :D
    Pretty is pretty..nasib baik tak kena dog-napped.