Friday, March 27, 2009

Close call

The weather was extremely good this evening. Nice cool sea-breeze. So, both AL-E & I decided to go for a sunset walk on the beach.

AL-E was really busy with his 'snoop & smell' business (see video).

Somehow AL-E has to smell each and every particle of sand, dirt, wood, grass, little crab, bugs (maybe even eat them) etc. etc.

After about half an hour of walk cum run with AL-E a.k.a 'Snoop Dog', we both seem a little tired and was really walking slow. This is a rare occasion because AL-E is always busy running or walking in a clumsy manner.

Besides 'Snoop Dog' AL-E is sometimes referred to as 'Ja Ja Binks' (a sci-fi character from STAR WARS - Part 1) due to his clumsy manner of walking and running.

Just when everything seems nice and wonderful, AL-E spring forward instantly and I lost control of the leash. Not only that, I somehow manage to fall backwards and end up on the beach floor (quite painful). Nevertheless, I ran after AL-E for awhile but lost him for a minute or two in some bushes and piles of fallen trees by the beach. It was really getting to be scary (Imagine losing AL-E just like that...). Then I saw a little shaggy black carpet peeping out of an old tree tunnel (the hollow part). Managed to grab hold of AL-E and brought him back home. Really relieved and happy to get back our boy.

This incident taught me a lesson. I guess from now on I need to carry a little bag with important necessities like some of AL-E's toys and first Aid. Just in case. AL-E loves his toys especially his squeaky rubber balls. If I had one of those with me today, AL-E would have responded to my calls.

Although I got some bruises on my legs and hands due to the fall, I am so very grateful and happy to get back our boy.


  1. We should start using the felxible leash (Green color). People here use the leash quite often as it allows the dog some felxibility as the leash can go longer but it also allows for the dog to be roped back in when required. Also, it has got a better handle and is more visible.

  2. The one we have at home gets stuck pretty often and a bit flimsy to use.