Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roof Leaking...yet another nutty situation

Again...the Bangsar home roof is leaking. Just in December 2007, we had fixed the darn roof and today after a heavy downpour, it is leaking so badly.

Leaks are everywhere, upstairs in our bedroom, my painting/artwork room, the stairwell, utility room...all areas mentioned is soaked with water....

Just when I am recovering from flu and cold, just when I am doing the household expenses and administrative work....now I have to be the maid and clean-up the mess.

The funny thing is (I am being sarcastic here), housekeeper just came this morning and did all the cleaning, waxing and polishing! Now it is my turn to do the moping and clearing up. Life is really a box of chocolates and today is all about nuts and being in a NUTTY situation!!! I am really going nuts.


  1. I hope can afford to change the roof in Bangsar, have to see who we can get to do things apart from that WIlliam fella. Costs of materials now are lower and people are gettign desperate for jobs. When I come back, have to seriously look into that. We will need permit from DBKL to change roof.

  2. Robert said will cost between RM8,000 to RM10,000 (including workmanship).

    But this is a tedious job for the person who is going to fix and the persons living in the house. Can you imagine the dust on the top floor. Plus, we have to pray for a good weather because it rains every evening. Sigh!