Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost missed my flight...

Yesterday could have ended up a disastrous day but lady luck was on my side. Thus, everything worked out fine.

So, what happened then?

Well, I had booked a taxi (from my list of regular & somewhat loyal taxi drivers) for a trip down to KLIA. I am going to refer to this regular taxi driver as D.

I know my house in Bangsar is about 10 minutes drive to KL Sentral. However, I had this mind-set that no taxi driver would want to do such a short trip down to KL Sentral. Thus, I didn't call for a cab.

Anyhow, D did not turn up. What's worse is that D had arranged for another friend of his to send me to KLIA. His friend was 5 minutes late. The worst part is that I had to call D to find all these stuff. I got a little upset and told D the deal is off.

I took a risk (a big risk) and called for a cab to KL Sentral. Within 5 seconds a taxi turned up and I reached KL Sentral but was too late to check in there. Thus, took the ERL to KLIA. I had 40 minutes to check in and board the plane to Miri. All worked out fine and I am in Miri now.

Nevertheless, I am a little appalled that D didn't even bother to apologise (Earlier, on the phone he was rather defensive. I won't get into details.) I had helped him so much in referring all my former friends, associates and clients in building up his little business. Such an ungrateful person!!

Yesterday turned out to be one of those nutty situation day but I am grateful that everything turned out fine. My father-in-law picked me up from the airport, made some snacks/lunch and I had lots of sloppy welcome kisses & hugs from little AL-E. Later we all had dinner with some friends.

Life's like a box of chocolates indeed. Take it one day at a time and everything happens for a reason. Oh well......

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