Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I decided to retire early today (to sleep). So, off to bed at 9.00pm.

As I was soundly asleep (dreaming - maybe).....sounds of bomb being blasted from not too far away just jolt me up from dreamland. It was more like nightmare...something like war movie e.g. like Pearl Harbour (being bombed)....

Guess what, it is my daft neighbours (don't know which one but definitely from Terasek 3), shooting heavy-duty fireworks in the air. Polluting the air, making noise in the middle of the night and disturbing people's sleep. I thought fireworks are banned in Malaysia except for the ones done by the Government for occasions like New Year's day etc. etc.

Whatever...now I am wide awake (and writing this blog)...Sigh! Maybe will watch a movie (DVD).

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