Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kofi shop in Lebuh Ampang

Why kofi shop and not coffee shop? Well, someone close and dear to me normally text me his whereabouts in the evening and it happens to be Kofi shop (which mean coffee shop). Thus, the title.

Took Anjali, Kupps & Deb to my favorite coffee shop. The coffee (the REAL white coffee), laksa curry and my usual 'diet' food is excellent. Do not bring your laptop here. This place is to eat, hang-out, watch the the infamous KL traffic jam and then leave.

Deb actually finished her laksa curry (wiped out...). Anjali enjoyed her curry laksa too and of course the coffee....Well, Kupps found the laksa a little spicy but enjoyed the cofffee. I had two cups (simply couldn't resist). We all were a little hungry since no one had breakie in the morning. This was our brunch break.
Oh, all of them (I could swear) had one of the best steam bread. Unfortunately, steam bread is not available in Miri (Note: Anjali & Deb, please get your dad to make some lah...)

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  1. Steam bread is now available in Miri in Toast house but it is nothing like the one in the kofi shop in Lebuh Ampang area. BTW, the kofi shop reference this time is to my dad rather than to me for those who may not know.