Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elantra 1.8

Where do I begin...

Here is my story, I am writing this blog in a car workshop (while waiting for the water pump to be fixed in our Elantra). I was also in this same workshop yesterday, got the engine mounting fixed....Grrrghhh

I thought my life and my seven year old Elantra's were somewhat better after the major fix-up last December 08. Mine in terms of $$$$$$ and Elantra's well being/life-span etc. etc.

When I say mine, it also includes hubby's because he's the 'Bank Negara'.

So, I wish for lady luck to pour some got luck potion on me and 'Bank Negara' with a present of new car for me (all expense paid for plus all other necessary expense and a holiday trip paid for too)... I also wish for other things but that is a story for another day. I am not sure what 'Bank Negara' would wish for but I have some basic idea which will not be exposed in this blog (not today anyways).

How I wish my dream will come true....!!!

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