Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Lunch & Yee Sang - Part 1

Today the big agenda of the day is having Yee Sang.

Yes, must have every year and having with good friends makes it more meaningful and memorable (Note: Sniff, sniff...the only person missing here is hubby. Miss you and you were in my thoughts throughout the day.)

Kupps, Anjali and Deb dropped by the house and chauffeured me to Golden Phoenix restaurant at Equatorial Hotel for lunch. The reservation was at 12pm (Note: The restaurant opens for business at 12pm). However, we arrived 15 minutes early and managed to squeeze ourselves into a 'little opening' of the front door of the said restaurant. The restaurant manager/host was nice enough to let us sit on our table and take our orders immediately.

In fact, she even managed to guess my name as the person who made the reservation (I am quite surprised since she didn't bother to ask but rather announced at the door. Maybe the only person who made the reservation...)

Anyways, when it came to having drinks, Anjali requested for some coffee and we were told that the restaurant only serves tea (and everything else in the menu like juices, wine, beer but NOT coffee. What is wrong with these people? Can't they just go next door to E'toile Bistro and get coffee (Sigh!). I could have made a scene and insisted but Anjali said it was okay and to get on with lunch...

We had the vegetarian Yee Sang (the one with pear). YUMMY. All of us had second and some third helpings. Yee Sang was wiped out!

For main course, we ordered fried Garoupa cooked in apple & thai chili sauce, home made bean curd with green vege, lotus fried with some lily vege (I think something like that) and some vegetarian fried rice. Everything was wiped out (even the fish) except for couple pieces of vege (Note: Our regular DBKL, Mr. Kupps cannot finish them...apparently he was full). Look out at the pictures whereby both Anjali & myself rubbing his Buddha lookalike belly..he.. he.. was quite hilarious.

By the way, thanks for taking the pictures and forwarding to me Deb. You are so sweet.

Overall had a wonderful lunch time with friends. It was truly fun.

Look out for Part 2 story of the day - same day, a little later in the afternoon..


  1. Where are the pictures of the Yee Sanging actions, tossing and spilling and yelling Yee Sang ... wait a minute, was that for Yam Seng only :P Miss it too, no Yee Sang in The Netherlands

  2. We only thought about it after finishing up all the Yee Sang. We were all REALLY hungry for food.

    Sorry to hear no Yee Sang in The Netherlands because can find in Australia and New Zealand. No Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese restaurant in The Netherlands meh?