Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Lunch & Yee Sang - Part 2 ...Coffee & dessert too

After a sumptuous lunch, we drove all the way to Anjali's place & picked up Deb's laptop. Deb needs to be in BU for a group discussion with her college mates for some assignment etc. etc.

Then we drove all the way to BU to drop Deb off. Thank God we had a walking & talking personalised human GPS in the car i.e. Anjali. This GPS can made alternative suggestions too..If not, our chauffeur, Kupps will probably end up taking us to Ipoh or JB. Patutlah Kupps kena marah especially bila silap jalan...Please pay attention to GPS and follow road signs..he..he..he).

By the way Kupps, your driving skill is pretty smooth (slow and steady). After lunch, this sort of drive is nice unlike some person in foreign land now. You all know who lah, someone who thinks he is Michael Schumacher (the former F1 champion). He is tall, brown & handsome Malaysian whom I got married to 14 years ago, whose motto on driving is 'Cepat asal sampai'.

In BU, we ended up having coffee and cakes in Delicious. Neat.Alleluia & amen (I am sure this makes your day Anjali).

Part 3 - Jalan, jalan cari beg kamera. (Sight-seeing, taking a stroll & looking for a camera bag)

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