Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost & Found

Today's entry is dedicated to dear hubby.

Why? For suggesting to throw my phone line i.e. DIGI line. (sniff, sniff.....)

Well, guess what, a friend of ours (who has happened to be our witness during our wedding ceremony at church 14 years ago - to sign documents i.e. the church documents), just called me today.

Can you imagine, I had lost all contact whatsoever with this person since 2000 and today he called. Apparently, he has been trying (in fact called my last working place several times, several departments in HQ but to no avail..)

Anyhow, remember during last Christmas party, we were just talking about couple of long lost friend(s) of ours and what had happened to them, well this friend is still alive and have since furthered his studies and was working with several banking/financial institution. Personally, he has moved on too, separated with his wife and has a new girl who happens to be a Singaporean.

So, I am NOT going to throw or CHANGE my mobile line because you never know who may try to get in touch with you. It may be good or not so pleasant. Life is short, so STOP complaining and make the best of it. Bisous (x100 to hubby).


  1. Hello, can change to Maxis and maintain your 016 number lah . . . but whatever lah, be happy.

  2. 'Bisous' means kiss in French. Viens faire un bisou à maman (which is translated to 'Come and give Mummy a little kiss!).

    'Bisou' is a noun (informal).

    'Bisou' is not pronounced as spelled (so you got be careful here. French language is rather tricky and lots of memorisation is required).

    Bisou can be used amongst friends (not necessarily just between specific group. It is like kiddish kiss.)