Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Lunch & Yee Sang - Part 3 - Jalan jalan cari bag kamera

Oh well, by now everyone is contented with lunch, coffee-break and cakes.

While in Delicious, got a call from hubby...

For the love of God, I am not able to hear a thing hubby was saying. So, hubby called Kupps instead. Managed to speak a bit with hubby (Note: Initially, hubby was frustrated with my DIGI line because he can hear me but I am NOT able to hear him on the other end. I think it is because MAXIS has a better coverage as compared to DIGI. Nevertheless, I am not going to throw or discontinue my DIGI line which I have been using since 1997. I love my number and it is so easy to remember. Sorry dear, you will just have to make do with text messages sometimes.)

The next pit-stops were to several photo/camera shops. Anjali was looking for a bag for her recently purchased camera.

Finally, found one that could have been the one EXCEPT for the colour... (Note: By now, Deb had joined us with the camera bag hunting. Her group discussion ended early.)

In the end we decided to head home. The next pit stop is to drop me off at home. Anjali, Kupps and Deb stayed for awhile before heading home. Made some cha (Indian masala tea) for both Deb and myself since Kupps & Anjali declined to have some. They were quite full with all the coffee, cup cakes and brownie at Delicious earlier.

Deb had a first dose of our Gujerati 'cha'. I think she was quite impressed and enjoyed the cha.
---------------------The End-----------------------------


  1. psst.. you know you can keep your number now when you change providers, right??

    so number no need to change lah... So you can keep your number (circa1997) and still get impromptu calls. And you dont have to deal with digi :D

  2. Yup...know that....Hubby prefers me to use a particular mobile service provider (lets just say 'M'). M is expensive. Each SMS to overseas is no longer RM0.50 but a lot more. I SMS a lot so I am going to keep digi for now.