Friday, September 25, 2009



BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents travelled to Malaysia to explore the divide among races. This extract features reporter Mukul Devichand speaking to Luqman, a student leader at the Universiti Teknologi Mara - a Malay University. ...


  1. Son of the soil .... podah!! Bumiputera - a sanskrit combination word from Bhumi and Putra - meaning earth and prince. Every erthling is a bhumi-putra. In the history of Malaysia, there were no Malays ... no such race exists ... it is created. They are chap cheng of arabs, guju's, chinese, bugis, and maybe some existing indigenous clans of Temuans, Kayans, Ibans, Kadazan etc. Over the years, a hodge pot of mix inter marriages created the Malay race ... and now this idiot is saying they are son of the soil!!!! Podah. I am glad I mix more with people like YAB who have a more open mind.

  2. aku nak gelak pun ada, rasa malu tak payah nak sebut le. rupa-rupanya, penghuni gua niah dulu-dulu tu orang melayu ye....tak tau pulak aku, cikgu salah ajar kat sekolah dulu ni....

    sometimes i wonder how they choose the student leaders nowadays, with their heads between their legs?