Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mid-life crisis

I love this country but of late, I often wonder if the country loves me back.

Too many walls have appeared and it will not be easy to crack 'em all, let alone break them all.

The recent act of parading a severed cow head in Shah Alam by a small group of racist Muslim Malays can possibly bring a tidal wave of tension (although some may disagree and categorise it as an isolated incident). Within minutes, seconds, 52 years of progress, tolerance and harmony of this country can come undone.

What the country needs is for its citizens', regardless of race and religion, is to have the courage and will-power to initiate the long road of recovery/transformation in order to preserve harmony at all costs. I may sound like a broken record. So be it.

Note: According to Karim Raslan of The Star ("CERITALAH" Page 44 of Nation, The Star, Tuesday, September 1st 2009): Malaysia's racial and religious harmony is delicate. It must be preserved at all costs. This is about zero tolerance.

1 comment:

  1. The harmony is delicate because we Malaysians have not grown up. Harmony is part of nature and it should be second nature to us humans. Maybe we can learn from nature - but we humans think that because of our opposable thumbs, we are the most intelligent in the universe.