Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vanilla Strawberry Glitter Cup Cakes

I couldn't sleep for some reason so ended up baking some cup cakes.

Got carried away (as usual) and ended up baking vanilla strawberry cup cakes.

The glitter toping is edible.

Now am done with this post and feeling sleepy already.


  1. Wah so yummy, bring some here lah! Why does the strawberry look so purple?

  2. The glitter is purple and takes centre stage. Thus, the rest of icing seems purple rather than strawberry colour/look. But I can assure you the cake taste like vanilla & strawberry.

    All the cupcakes finished. Pappa had two, gave some to friend, gave to Stel & Sop and the rest I makan.....So habis. Nanti I buat kat Miri ya (If I got mood to bake ya...must have mood one...)