Thursday, July 16, 2009


After Today's short story is about our KL home, in particular our little green patch at the back i.e. 'The Garden'. This little garden is our pappa's passionate hobby. He has nurtured the bare space (since we moved in 2006) into a beautiful garden.

Finally our long ago purchased gazebo (personally hand-picked and brought over via sea from Bali) has been fixed in our garden. It was constructed yesterday and I will only be seeing it next month as I am in Borneo now.

My father-in-law forwarded a picture of the gazebo via mms (Note: I am impressed that my 75 old pappa is so up to date - so 'canggih' unlike some young chap that I know. That young chap happens to be very dear to me and stays with me tapi sampai sekarang tak erti guna mms...ada saja alasan dia tak mau belajar...penatlah, nak tidurlah, tak ada mood lah etc. etc. etc. Sigh!!)

I have attached 2 photos (the garden before gazebo and after gazebo been placed).


  1. Too bad, the young man is going to be using the Balinese gazebo before you. Fair, after all it was the young man's idea to get it in the first place.

  2. Whatever....So bila mau install jacuzzi?? Our friend's wifey asked.

  3. Jacuzzi will become a bird bath ... tak payah kut.