Friday, July 31, 2009

All by myself

It has been quite awhile since my last entry. Been busy being a PA, chef and housekeeper in our other home in Borneo.

Anyhow, today is not a complaining session. I am going to write a short story about our four-legged little fella who hates being alone. You see this little fury fella has a condition called 'separation anxiety'.

Two days ago I had left him all alone (at home - on a limited space, provided water to drink, food to eat and his favorite toys and bone to chew...)

Guess what awaits me when I came back home.....(see the pictures)..

He was punished of course.

So what was the punishment, immediately point out the mess he had created (of course with a stern clear voice - not in anger) and I ignored him for the next one hour.

Nevertheless, it was not easy ignoring him for an hour although it had to be done.

Every five minutes or so, this fury fella will jump up to me with his tongue waggling (sort of a plea saying 'I'm sorry mommy, please forgive me...). Other tactics would be to give a short lick on my feet to see if I take notice (should see the pleading eyes saying 'I'm sorry lets make up, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee')......Oh gosh, one hour felt like a day....then it off to the beach in the evening for a nice stroll..everything forgiven...Friends again. Cheers.


  1. All forgiven and we are friends again...

  2. How not to forgive the fella.... with his pleading eyes - reminds me of Puss in the boots in Shrek.