Sunday, June 21, 2009

The End in Year 2012

Is it true that the world will come to an end in the Year 2012?

The Mayan Calendar says so.

Year 2012 gained the patina of doom with the best-selling 1966 book "The Maya" by Harvard archaeologist Michael D. Coe. He noted that the Mayan culture's famously complex "Long Count" calendar simply ends on 12/21/12, speculating that civilization might come crashing down on that date. Other scholars argue, however, that the Mayan calendar would merely flip over like an odometer that reached 100,000 miles.

Anyhow, whatever must be, will be. I sincerely believe that if you live your day to day life simply like the last day of your life...then you will not miss anything when the end comes (whenever it happens).

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  1. Datuk and I have been talking about this since last year sometime. We feel we should enjoy our lives until 2012, infact, go to bank and borrow millions of dollars and just travel the world. And then wait for the end of the world which is supposed to be on 24 December 2012. And then ooops, nothing happens. Oh well.