Monday, May 18, 2009

Sedation & Hair Cut

Today has been a tough Monday.

This morning we sent our boy, AL-E to the vet for grooming (more so for clipping of seriously unruly 'rasta' hair on both of his flip-flop ears).....

Well, the doctor/vet called back and informed us that AL-E had to be sedated before they can do any sorts of grooming. AL-E almost bit off the clinic staff(s), doctor(s) hands when they tried to clip couple strands of his fur. The doctor did assure us that AL-E will be given a mild dosage (unlike the one used when he was neutered).

So, under sedation, our boy was given a hair cut, major part of his ears were clipped, some parts shaved and nails clipped. More than one person were involved in AL-E's grooming session.

The result - our boy still looks handsome.

Initially, we were both mentally prepared for Al-E's 'botak' look. Angel Clinic did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your advice, patience and care to our little AL-E. Thank you Dr. Yap, Dr. Sharon, Mr. Lau, Ms. Nale, Ani and others.

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