Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updated Look & Feel

The new look and feel of a little beach pad in Luak Bay (revised recently).
Note:Most of these furniture were extras that we already had in KL. Quite a number of it were purchased for a bargain (There is a store/shop in KL which sells second hotel furniture. Not from local hotel though. Hotels like Shangri La in Hong Kong, Beijing etc. makes changes to its look & feel every 5 years or so. So, most of its old furniture are normally in good condition and they are sold in bulk to agents or whoever is interested. The only setback when you purchase from this store is that you have to make your own arrangement for a lorry to send the goods to your home.)
By the way, our goods/furniture (the above items) from KL came a year ago via a container which is provided for by my hubby's employer.

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  1. NIce setup. As usual you are a good interior decorator. SHould really do something about it.