Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday-Lepak session at Luak Bay

Pic 1: The Host (posing ala 'Stepford wife') with home Bread Butter Pudding-from the oven.
Pic 2: AL-E Baba a.k.a The Snopp Puppy.

Pic 3: AL-E Baba ...posing for Ms. Ange

Pic 4: AL-E and Mommy

Pic 5: The gang with AL-E who can't seem to keep still

Pic 6: More of The Gang. (Kupps, me, Ani & Dr. Sharon - the prettiest girl)

Pic 7 : AL-E posing his vital anatomy (as usual)..sigh! and of course the gang.

This is the first year that I am celebrating Easter Sunday without any family member...not exactly if you count in my four-legged fury son i.e. AL-E Baba.

AL-E is the only family member. Since I miss my hubby, mom and sisters, decided to have a small party for friends. Cooked 3 course meal and we all had Rosé(An Aussie Rosé). The Rosé was good.
The guests were Ms. Ange, Kupps, Dr. Sharon and Ani. Our boy AL-E was extremely excited (as usual who thinks all of friends as his pets). I must say, as compared to all the usual parties that we have had in our home, AL-E did behave quite well yesterday. Nevertheless, he did jump on each everyone (including Kupps. Kupps is warming up a little with AL-E. For the first time, Kupps actually stroke AL-E's back and complimented on AL-E beautiful soft fur..)

Overall it was a nice cool evening (except that the rain was pouring 'cats & dogs' from 5.30 pm till after midnight)..

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  1. The hostess as pretty as ever and Al E is so regal, like a lion king