Saturday, January 30, 2010

Arrival of Black Rajah of Borneo

Today has been one heck of a day.

Why? Our little fury fella's first trip to Kay-el. MAS personnel both in Miri and KLIA have been excellent in handling live animal...Well, I can only speak for my little fella and he came out fine and well. (Note: We did give AL-E some mild sedatives. Amazing he did not bark at all....)

We were expecting our little fella via the excess luggage carousel but instead a KLIA personnel wheeled him to us. Then we had to sort some 'discharge' fee and forward all the 'import & export' documents. Then off to HERTZ counter. Rented a 4WD.

Finally, we got all our luggages loaded and little AL-E released from his crate. He was so excited and was slobbering us with kisses inside the car. Unconditional love as usual.

Reached home pretty fast and without any traffic issues considering today is Thaipusam.

AL-E had quite an adventure on his first day at our Kay-el home...That's story for another day.

Last but not least, I must thank the girl at MAS counter in Miri Airport as well. She was so considerate and she made sure that AL-E is wheeled by ground MAS staff instead of putting him on the carousel. We didn't expect this but it was really nice that our little fella's first trip had been smooth sailing.

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